LARA & HANNES wedding

Photographer: Jani B Photography

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Jani B Photography did an excellent job with the photos. In the words of the photographer, taken from her BLOG: "Hannes & Lara, celebrated their special day at the beautiful D’Aria in Durbanville. It was a crisp, clear gorgeous autumn day, the vineyards dresses in colourful colours. Lara & Hannes, must be some of the most gentle and kind people. I have met. I can’t imagine that anyone can ever fight or be nasty to them. To top that off, Lara must have the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen… the most unique shade of Indigo. The highlight of the wedding for me (and again, it’s just me thinking of my stomach 1st), was the sushi buffet they served as canapés… I mean SUSHI!!!??? Chef Chen and his team expertly prepared this little delicacies. Yummm….
“A gentle word, a kind look, a good-natured smile can work wonders and accomplish miracles.” William Hazlitt
Lara’s beautiful mom, made the bridesmaids dresses and to be honest if no one told me, I would have thought them bought at some couture, boutique. I had a blast Hannes & Lara… hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did while I edited them;)
Iza Cloete did an amazing job with Make-up and hair.."

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